Saturday, December 24, 2005

Somewhere Orange

I don't know how to exlain why I did this one. Just thought it was ok to post here. I called it somewhere orange.

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Behind The Hills

I love Kandinsky's style. I decided that i could try and imitate somehow his might not be the best approach, but I was only exploring know....tasting something different.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Watch out Rocky!!!

The Boxer

Do not mind the lack of cast shadows on the ground. Is just an experiment I made overposing layout and character design. If this works out as I might use this character for my fourth year film.

The Lion

The French Guy

The french Guy makes part of the film "Above the Clouds". The design is getting closer and closer!!

The Bus Stop

Here is the main character of my film. His name is Vlady, a polish old man that is waiting to die. Notice his face, though he wants to die, he does not express any discomfort. His character contrasts with the other elders in a very confusive and surprising way.

The Bus Stop

Here is the widow; an old lady that lost her husband and ever since then could not recover from her lost. Humans! Always attached to something.

Man and Wind

The Bus Stop

Some characters for my film "The Bus Stop". Two old men. One rich, and arrogant; the other one, an old dancer that lost his abilities due a terrible illness.

Early concept for "Above the Clouds"

Here are two characters from Ben Huen's film. This was just a conceptual drawing.

Pancho poses

Some poses of pancho

Friends for ever...

These two will always be together. Amigos Mexicanos, Cuates!!

Sleepy ass

Here is a sleepy chubby guy I made as concept for Ben Huen's film "Above the Clouds"

A crow

First Kiss

Well....this is a cheesey painting I made in the summer. It was hot, and the nights were really cool too. So, I thought about the sun and the moon and compare them to humans. If you think about it is like the sun and the moon are always in a fight, like they do not want to see each other...I think they had a "relationship" and then a break up...a really bad one. Here i thought about what could have been their first kiss. A very seductive moon and a very shy easy-blushing sun.


Here is Pancho. Pancho is another character I made for my lympsynch assignment. A 100% Mexican stereotype.

This chihuaha is a member of the best musical group in the world. His name is yet not known, but some of you have heard him sing and could not get enough of him. (character lypsynch)

An early idea called "The bust stop"...